Area 88

Area 88

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Type: OVA

Status: Finished Airing

Episodes: 3

Premiered: null

Broadcast: null

Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

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After being tricked into signing a document by someone he considered a friend, Shin Kazama is forced to become a fighter pilot in the foreign legion of mercenaries, who are fighting in a civil war for the nation of Aslan. Hellbent on earning enough money to break his contract and return to Japan, Shin has managed to become one of the most lethal pilots at the base known as Area 88. But having spent so much time in a place where one's life is always in jeopardy, will Shin remain the same man if and when he can return to the civilian world? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Episodes: / 3 Episodes
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Manga Pierrot
Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance Military
1 hr 5 min per ep 1985-02-05 to 1986-06-15

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