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Type: Movie

Status: Finished Airing

Episodes: 1

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Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

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The non-aggression pact between the flourishing maritime city of Itha and the barren military state of Paro comes to an end when the latter's greedy monarch attempts to sabotage Itha and target its riches. Following this dreadful incident, the escalating animosity on each side disturbs the happiness of Itha's princess Ahnas and Paro's prince Jill, both of whom are deeply in love. The peaceful farmers from the village of Saki are worried as well. With their land separating Itha and Paro, they risk getting caught in the crossfire of an upcoming battle. Yet there is one among them that does not share such fear. Izu—an ambitious, energetic young man—sees this war as an opportunity to gain fame and wealth. Enticed by Paro's promise of a generous reward, he readily answers the kingdom's call for help, vowing to his beloved wife Marin that they will soon reunite. Feeling heartbroken, Marin becomes engrossed in prayer for her husband's safe return. Meanwhile, Ahnas and Jill are determined to not let their positions or their families' hostilities come between them. But will these young people's genuine love prevail over human foolishness and vices, or will it be sacrificed to petty ambitions? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Episodes: / 1 Episode
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Original Kaname Productions, Idol
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi N/A
1 hr. 40 min. Jul 19, 1986

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